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Crystal Niche

by on February 16, 2011

I signed the papers and just FedEx’d them back to Rose Hills. 

Two adjacent glass-front niche’s for the discounted price of $10,400 plus a $280 maintenance fee.  That’s damn expensive for what amounts to be about two square feet of space.

This is less than the $13,600 plus fee that I was originally quoted.  The extra ~20% discount applies to all “pre-need” sales with at least a 25% down payment.  To qualify as “pre-need”, a space needs to be paid for before passing of the named owner.  Given the situation, the only way I could be sure to take advantage of the discount was to pay for Satomi’s outright.

My space, however, could be financed.  There were many “low-interest” options available but I opted for a “no-interest” two-year deal.  It felt like I was buying a new refrigerator or big screen television.

While I’m glad I’ve set up much of her arrangements, I’m still bothered by the whole experience.  I may have handled it like a business tranaction but I have real issues with my mortality and the concept of “eternity”.  Being somewhere “forever” sounds like a huge commitment and I am nowhere near being able to know what I want.  To be honest, I don’t even know if I like Rose Hills.

For now though, at least I know Satomi will be well taken care of and I have an option.

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