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First Excursion Outside

by on January 28, 2011

With a lot of effort from her friends Irene and Brenda, Satomi went outside and loved every second of it.  Getting down the stairs was actually easier than in attempts past.  I guess practice makes perfect!

I’ll be sure not to mention anything about them getting lost since I’m sure the exercise made it all worth it.  The 1.25 mile walk from our pad to the park isn’t as far as it sounds.  Uh…ya…

Here’s some pix of their recent adventure.

She looks happy huh?

The day was full of excitement and luckily, she was only tired afterward.  No seizures.  No headaches.

Thanks Irene and Brenda!

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One Comment
  1. Tina Ray permalink

    GREAT!!! She got to hang out in the park with some good friends!! And of course, EAT a burrito!!! What a chow hound!!!

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