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And tonight?

by on January 18, 2011

It’s Tuesday night and I’m actually writing about Tuesday night.  Holy crap!  You know what that means!  Wait for it!  Satomi’s sleeping!  It’s only 10:30pm and so far she hasn’t moved a muscle.  I’ll try not to jinx it but we’ll see.

I was very concerned as she slept for most of the day.  I was told that there were definite intervals of  lucid discussion throughout the day. 

I spoke to the RN about the incidents last night and she advised me to add a second 25mcg/hr Fentadryl patch to Satomi’s back.   Her baseline pain relieve shall be borne by the patches.  Breakthrough pain may be attacked with partial doses of Oxycodone as needed.

At bedtime, I was to continue with the typical bedtime therapy of two Ambien, 1.0ml of Oxycodone, and another 1.0ml of Ativan.  When combined with 50mcg/hr of Fentadryl, this is a hardcore mix.

Happily, it all works fine…at least for now.

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