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An Idea

by on January 11, 2011

Things are going badly but we need to make a hard choice.  I discussed Satomi’s wishes and decided that we should reduce her pain medication and increase her Decadron in an attempt to return her back to consciousness.  It’s going to be a difficult and dangerous process.  If the headaches persisted, the pain-killers would need drastic dosing to mask it a second time.

The RN confirmed the validity of our plan and advised that our success would be best attempted by replacing our oral Vicodin with a Fentanyl patch used to administer a low dose of Morphine-based pain-killer over a long period of time.  Tylenol with Codeine should be used only when necessary.  Extraneous meds shall be stopped including anti-nausea, and all supplements.  Adavan and Ambien shall be used for anxiety and sleep aids.

We’ll start the process today.

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  1. Julie permalink

    Hey Sean, I pray for Satomi and the whole family everyday, but dumb me never thought to ask you guys if there was anything you’d like me to pray for. Our bible study group is also willing to pray for you guys. So please, if there is anything in particular you’d like me to pray for, please let me know. Actually tell John, I never check email. He’ll pass the message on to me. Please take care & hugs to everyone!!!!

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