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blood draw from right arm!

by on January 3, 2011

As most of u may know, I had breast cancer in my right breast and had a bilateral mastectomy with right lymphectomy where they took out about 30 lymph nodes from under my right arm so BP, blood draws, IV are at high risk of causing me some lymphedema! Today, an RN came to draw my blood to check my dilantin levels for brain swelling! I hadn’t used my right arm for anything -blood draws, BP or anything since my surgery in 4/2008 so since the nurse couldn’t get a good left vein draw, I opted to try the right arm! So far so good! I had used my leg vein about a year ago for my vertebroplasty but it was really painful! Hopefully it was a good draw! No swelling in my right arm yet! I had some swelling about a year after chemo in my right arm but it went away afterwards! Keep ur fingers crossed!

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