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Mostly Good Day

by on January 2, 2011

As Satomi wrote, she had visitors today.  All agreed that she looked pretty good.  She even walked to the bathroom nearly on her own.  Satomi was so happy to see her friends and “read” about their lives.  She had a lot of energy.  It was so good in fact that I had to ask myself, “…is she really that sick?” 

After dinner I had my answer-Satomi was just exhausted.  On a trip to the bathroom she slowly climbed down from the bed and stood still for a minute.  I noticed that her toes started to contort, followed by her knees bending and hips swaying unstably.  To be safe I gave her a bear hug, dragged over the bedside toilet with my foot, and sat her down.  As ususal, she yelled at me-She doesn’t like to be handled.

This was her first time using the portable toilet for “serious business”.  She did not seem happy about it at all.  I’d imagine it’s embarassing and a bit humiliating.  Instead of talking about it, I just joked about passing out from the smell.  She laughed so things ended ok.

I was surprised that she was this tired.  She had been so uppity just a few hours before-I guess it was just too much activity for one day.

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