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Accidentaly erased this morning’s blog!

by on January 2, 2011

Hi! I wrote a blog this morning and accidentally discarded it! My mind is not all here right now so when it asked me to “save, discard or cancel” i pushed “discard” by accident and lost it – I just mentioned how this week was gonna be – kandice off this week from school for furlough days going to Childtime with J – should b fun! Jill back to reg pre-K class and have fun with K there -they will probably have fun together! I don’t have too many doc appts thanks goodness now that rad is over – just need to take dilantin blood level to see how much swelling in my brain from steroids! I’m gonna start hospice care – but ok with it – just want to be comfortable! Of course, my mom doesn’t understand but I just want to get better but not if I have to suffer! I put my dad on hospice in 2009 but was able to take him off with his doctor’s help but when both of us were in the ER at the same time, my sister had to make the cAll – he was sick and now he is in a better place – with JC without O2 in heaven! Hopefully u will all agree – this is no way to live life and hopefully I will get better soon! Keep praying for me! Have a great 2011!!

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  1. Akemi Nakanishi permalink

    Satomi, hang in there. You are a strong woman and I will always look up to you as my Neichan. Sorry I can’t do much from so far away, but you and Sean and Kandice and Jillian are in my thoughts and prayers always.

  2. Kiyomi permalink

    You’re doing great!the fact that you remembered discarding the blog says a lot. Don’t you think?! I think so. We want you to be comfortable too, but we think you can beat this thing. Keep eating well, please. I will be over as much as I can. Gambare!

  3. Traci Yourstone permalink

    Hi Satomi, You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday! Keep on fighting. You are a insperation to all of us. XO, Traci Yourstone(COTA long time ago at TRH.)

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