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Hospice Care-A First Discussion

by on December 31, 2010

The process of getting Satomi relief from her headache was very telling.  It was not necessary for her to experience that sort of pain for all that time.  The on-call Oncologist agreed with me.  He explained that the Palliative Care is simply an extended form of home care.  They must get Doctors support and approval prior to doing anything or using any equipment.  Palliative care is inherently limited because it is not intended for serious degenerative illness.  The most support palliative care could provide is some return phone calls and possibly a prescription for stronger medication.

Hospice care, on the other hand, could send a medical professional to our home at any time to address the issues directly.  There are meds left at the home at all times for pain, seizure, etc.  Upon admission to hospice care, the caregivers are trained to use them.  Their resources are designed to keep the patient pain-free.  After hearing her history, medications and situation, he strongly recommended hospice care. 

Satomi was very familiar with the hospice process.  She managed her fathers healthcare and coordinated all of his hospice services.  In the situation I thought it important that I speak to Satomi and hear her wishes.  It was a very sensitive subject but her knowledge definitely made it easier. 

She thought that hospice care made a lot of sense for her.  She said she had been thinking about it for some time already.  After what I’ve seen Satomi endure this week, I can definitely see the advantages.

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