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had breakfast already!

by on December 28, 2010

Went down around 9 to eat something – no shake this morning -toogritty! Had some organic food delivery, and some of Araceli (housekeeper) soup – yummy! Chicken with hominy soup! Kinda spicy but good! Came up after and in bed to rest! My mom went to Sprouts to buy more food for me! Organic food! Now getting hungry again for lunch! Steroids increase my appetite – good? But also reflux! Have to take all diff meds for diff symptoms! Mom just back – lunchtime? Crazy schedule around meal/meds! Tomorrow last radiation! Thursday need to get labs/EKG at St. Joes for my pre-Op labs for Jan 6th port-a- cath placement! Kandice also has well-exam @ pediatrician’s office Th1:30 Lots of stuff next to be done! B4 end of year!

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