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Gait Belt

by on December 28, 2010

I’m looking for alternatives to this safety gait belt thing.  I couldn’t find anything in the PT supply stores online.  If any of you PT folk have any ideas, sent me a message.

I have a nice rockwall climbing harness from a past life that I think would work very well but I am concerned that taking it on/off will be very cumbersome.  It would be impossible to remove quickly in case of an unplanned need for a bathroom.  I do think it’s washable though.

I’m going to dig it up and give it a try.  I don’t want Satomi to fall and cause herself more pain.

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  1. anonymous permalink

    Would something like a liftvest help? Here is a link:

  2. seanookie permalink

    Thanks. It’s expensive but it looks like it will work. When Satomi wakes up, I will measure her.

  3. Sean, Satomi used to work for me. Not sure if this would be helpful. My family had this installed for my mom after she fell and broke both legs. She lives alone and it was essential for her to live independently again. It was installed in two hours after a call the previous day. It flips out of the way so you can use stairs normally or use the lift. It can be installed without a lot of damage to your stairwell. It has made her life so much easier and safer. There is also something called a “shower buddy” which helps get people in/out of the tub and on/off the toilet if they or their caregivers are tired.

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