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by on December 27, 2010

Satomi doesn’t remember any of this.

She had a seizure on the Radiation treatment table today.  I had just helped her up onto the table and she had lied back onto the hard surface.  A few seconds later, she went stiff and all her limbs contorted.  Her face and eyes twitched uncontrollably. 

I held her hand and head.  I looked deep into her eyes and kept talking to her.  Her gaze was blank so it was obvious that she was unconscious.  She was completely unresponsive for nearly a minute.

The doctor arrived and told us it was typical for brain swelling.  We were to increase her Decadron dose immediately and start an anti-seizure medication.  We had to skip our last Radiation session until she stabilized.

Satomi started talking and her body loosened up.  I rolled her out and returned home for extra medication.  She seems OK now.

The doctor explained to me that instances of high and low blood pressure (as would occur after climbing up on a treatment table) with a swollen brain could trigger seizures.  That could explain her blackout on Xmas day.

I’m very upset about this.

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