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Palliative Eval

by on December 27, 2010

Only a few minutes after rushing home so Satomi could take more Decadron, we got a visit from a very pleasant lady with a very unpleasant job-Our Palliative Care Registered Nurse.

She was here to evaluate Satomi’s living conditions and her needs.  We discussed the highlights of her medical history and her symptoms.  She looked at our home and witnessed how we handle Satomi-getting her up the stairs, how she walks to the bathroom, etc.  Satomi was doing pretty well so it went pretty smoothly.

I reminded her of Satomi’s recent problems and spoke in-depth of my concerns.  Using this information and her observations, we made some plans for our near future:  Grab bars, shower seats, portable potty units, bi-weekly nurse and physical therapy visits, house call lab draws and medication deliveries, and 24/7/365 Call-In Nurse support.  All this help is to simplify Satomi’s life, make it less strenuous while maintaining her safety.

We also talked at length about Advanced Directives.  These are better known as DNR or “Do Not Resuscitate” orders.  We spoke about my own life philosophy but Satomi’s deafness made it impossible to discuss with her.  I promised the nurse that I would speak with Satomi about it.  The nurse made it clear that ultimately any continued resuscitation would be my decision.  I have some serious thinking to do.

I spoke to Satomi about it briefly and as you can imagine, things got a bit emotional.  My philosophy is based purely on her quality of life and minimizing her pain and suffering.  Her position is more of an unorganized thought.  We’re going to discuss it again later.

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