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Minor Changes

by on December 27, 2010

I’ve noticed some signs of “minor” changes to Satomi’s higher brain functions-forgetfulness, confusion, and reasoning skills.  It’s barely noticeable but it worries me. 

This morning she dropped her medication on the floor.  This was very dangerous as my sister’s babies are still visiting and have been eating things off of my floor for the last few days.  After searching on my hands and knees, Satomi admitted that she didn’t remember if she actually swallowed the pills or not.  I became quietly enraged but to be honest, I was scared and worried.  How do you forget if you swallowed pills only a few minutes before?  Apparently it’s quite easy.  I did eventually find the dropped pill and all was secured.

Later I sent her a text message and asked her if she took her afternoon medication (i.e. Decadron).  That evening I became aware that she interpreted my question as instructions not to take it at all.  What?  Why would I tell her not to take her medication?  I was again quietly enraged.

I took charge of her medication box and will be watching closely.

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