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out of body experience!

by on December 24, 2010

Since I can no longer hear, dizzy all the time, get headaches – I feel like I’m always in an out of body experience! I’m on my blackberry more than ever and not sure if it’s real or not -imagining posting posts I thought i wrote but can’t find them but probably also corresponding to each e-mail I get so I’m kinda getting confused what I tell someone individually via e-mail and what I post on blog! Hope I still make some sense! I try to respond to each e-mail and if I have not, just send another note -I probably thought – responded but maybe in my dreams! Sorry if I haven’t – I’m sure in my mind I have but getting harder to keep track! It’s great to see how happy Sean’s parents are to have both their kids and their 4 grandkids under one roof! Should be great dinner tonight!

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