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just woke up and ate a little!

by on December 23, 2010

Since I’m not really on a meal schedule – I just eat now when I’m hungry – still don’t eat a lot so just eat when I get hungry -steroids help with apetite but also get some acid reflux from it -trying to refill meds for reflux but ins not cooperating! I feel ok now but morning different – a little burn in esophagus but I can always take maalox! Just got back in bed – went downstairs and had a little bite! Sean gonna get family dinner soon – I had ready prep meal warmed up -good for me! Sat up with fam for a little – twins getting bigger! Soo cute age! Almost 1.5 yrs old! Having a great day -hope u r too! Felt like it was a productive day! Loved seeing all of u at Tustin and THANKS for GENEROUS Gift Cards -appreciate your generosity this time of year! Love and miss u all!
Always, Satomi:)

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