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Another Good day!!

by on December 22, 2010

Went to Rad this morn – saw Dr Ngo – trying to stretch out decadron since I think I get overwhelmed sooner before my second dose! Will have to change my pill organizer! My friend Charro got off work early today and came by – we went to lunch just around the corner – had Chinese food! Was a great visit even if it was short, quiet and sweet! Missed the good old times but -l guess we must all move on! She came over after and pumped since she’s still nursing and I just relaxed in bed! I’m so glad to have spent some time with her! I wish I could do it more but I can see getting overwhelmed if I do it too much! Planning for the next few days! Hopefully will go smooth! Sean’s mom coming home – go to Rad then to Tustin for holiday potluck lunch with my mom -Rae them driving down! Girls will be in daycare tomorrow so should be nice and quiet until everyone is home! Will be busy tomorrow but good busy hopefully!

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