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Xmas Newsletter-A Negative Rant

by on December 20, 2010

Just like most of you, we put together an annual Christmas family newsletter.  In many instances, it is the only form of “consistent” communication that we have with everyone.  I’ve never been big on writing letters, even after the invent of E-mail, I still don’t do it much.  No sure why but I’m sure laziness plays some part.

It’s December 20th already and I have not put fingers-to-keyboard.  Last year, I took weeks and dozens of drafts just so it wouldn’t sound fatalistic in some manner.  I ended up just cutting out anything questionable and focusing on our girls.

This year I have no Christmas cheer whatsoever.  I put lights on the house and got a Xmas tree solely because of Kandice and Jillian-They remain happy and excited and full of Xmas wonder and don’t deserve a bleek Holiday.

I just cannot bring myself to spin this year in a positive light.  I know I have to stay optimistic but things just aren’t that good.  Saying anything else would be lying to all of you.

Sorry about my negative rant.  No one else should feel this way this time of year.  One way or another, I’m going to write that newsletter.

12/22/2010 Update:  I apologize to all of you that come here thinking that I posted our 2010 Xmas Newsletter.  As not to mislead you, I changed the title of the post.  I decided to take the advice of several people and omit the text altogether.  I’m assembling a collage of recent photos taken of the girls.  Its probably going to miss Xmas but at least it’s coming together.

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  1. Pegs permalink

    just put a bunch of picts and write ‘nuf said.

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