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Sean’s home!!

by on December 16, 2010

Just got a text from Sean a short time ago – he’s landed at LAX and he will be home soon! Too bad it wasn’t from John Wayne, but hopefully the drive isn’t too bad this time of night! The girls r sleeping, I’m actually also getting sleepy! Tomorrow, my sister has a housekeeper going over to their house in the morning so if Sean wasn’t going to make it back tonight, things would be a little different tomorrow! But now, everything should be just cool! My mom’s still staying over to help me and the girls in the morning but now, my mom could go straight home after that and Sean can take me to radiation! If Sean didn’t make it back, my brother-in-law would’ve have to let her in then pack up his kids to take them to school and leave her at the house alone, which isn’t necessarily a big thing – they just like someone to be around so usually my mom is there! Now, my mom can be there for the whole time so she can let her in/out! If he didn’t land tonight, I may have been making some crazy text or e-mail requests in the morning but everything USUALLY works out in our favor and I know what a great support system I have so I try not to worry too much unless I really have to! Hopefully, Sean will be here shortly! I’m tired now so may just get some shut eye!

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