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An ok day

by on December 15, 2010

Just took a bath with my mom’s help! Don’t realize how much it means to get help! I think a couple times, if my mom wasn’t there, I would’ve lost my balance since I got so dizzy in the water! Who knows if I could’ve bumped my head or fallen into the water!?! It feels good though after getting out of the water -fresh and clean! Just gotta realize the water isn’t stable so I need to be very careful! Today was a pretty uneventful day – Kandice came home early for her modified school schedule (Wed she goes 8-12:25) so I spent some time this afternoon with her doing homework b4 Jillian came home! Went back and fourth with my e-mail buds! Thanks, it keeps me busy! Before dinner, the girls got in a spat about something and I couldn’t do anything about it so I just told them to both not complain and it seemed to work! Just wish I could hear what they were arguing about? Probably something that doesn’t make sense to us adults anyway – it always seems the case! This age is challenging but has it’s rewards – hopefully my hearing will get better so I can cherish them more! Good night all! Hopefully I will sleep better tonight!

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