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Uneventful Day

by on December 12, 2010

Today was pretty easy – thank goodness!! My whole being is now in getting myself better mode! I have to plan in my head when to take my meds, when to eat cuz some of my meds I have to take an hour before food and some with food so I have to be real cognizant about it! I started back fully on the detox diet, taking those supplements (more like vitamins and minerals) and hoping they don’t gag me again (which so far has been ok – I think it was a function of the insane dizziness) but I still don’t have an appetite but I’m trying my best to eat as much healthy stuff as I can!! I’m still waiting for my hair to start falling out – the roots feel tingly and kinda hurt when I touch them -maybe I’ll just have Sean shave it off tomorrow before he leaves for Florida for a convention out there! We’ll see! I can no longer hear anything (just some occasional noise) and reading lips r more challenging now that the double vision has worsened and my acuity has worsened as well (my vision is blurry even with contacts or glasses! So I really have to rely on the pen/paper or the dryerase board – e-mail and text is always good – and by the way, thanks for all your e-mails!! They really do brighten up my day! Good night and hope everyone has a great week! It will be interesting!! Take care!
Love alwayz,

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