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Last Day of the Week

by on December 10, 2010

Today was my 5th and final day of the week to have the whole brain radiation! This morning, Irene and Steve came by with their laptop so we can spend some time together – short but sweet – and because it was just the 2 of them (no kids) it wasn’t overwhelming at all. I think the steroid helped a little to calm my symptoms down. We just “talked” – as they typed away on the laptop, I spoke verbally so it was great! We spent about 45 min “chatting” when I had to leave for my radiation appt. Again, no problem with the treatment but I am anxious now for my hair to fall out again! I just don’t want it to come out all over my body while taking a shower – that was the worst feeling last time – at least I will have a break from radiation this weekend and will be looking out to see if my hair starts falling out! All I’ve been doing is resting and I know it’s a side effect but is it better for me to rest and keep myself safe or to challenge my symptoms and move around? The PT in me says to move around but the patient in me wants to rest! The dilemma! As a PT, I really haven’t treated oncology patients, so it’s hard. Have a stroke, brain injury or spinal cord injury, I know exactly what u need! But oncology is so different with all the diff meds, where the primary and/or secondary cancers are, etc. I actually have to learn new stuff! We touched upon it during PT school but really you dive into it on the job! Well, I guess I’m going to have to get back on the job! But I need someone to guide me!

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