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First whole brain radiation treatment

by on December 6, 2010

This morning, I went in for my first whole brain radiation treatment. I first had to lie flat on my back so they can simulate how the radiation will work with the mesh mask similar to the one I used for Cyberknife so that they know which areas to concentrate on. Then after about 15-20 minutes of the simulation, I had to go down to the basement where the actual radiation machine is (when I had radiation for my right breast a couple years ago, it was the same place and the staff remembered me) and again on my back with the mask on, this time actually getting the radiation to my brain which took about 5-10 minutes! After getting up, I was dizzier which made me have a bad headache! After that, we went to my surgeon’s office for pre-op/paperwork for the placement of the port. I still can’t hear anything and reading lips has become harder now that I have double vision centrally as well as peripherally. So I have to have people who talk to me write it down on paper or dry-erase board at least I can respond by talking!
I came home and had some lunch, then went up to my room to rest and after a couple hours, I got really dizzy and nauseous that I threw up 3 times! I also got a really bad headache! I tried to eat dinner but made me feel more nauseous! I tried to rest but hard to do feeling nauseous with a headache!

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