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And now for the right side…

by on May 6, 2010

The Lithotripsy session on her left kidney went well.  And now for the right side…

We have a confirmed appointment at the same surgical center on Monday May 10th.  The Urologist expects that a stent should not be necessary this time around since there is no sign of any interim stones passing.  Unfortunately, she can’t be completely sure until the actual procedure is performed.

Hopefully everything goes as smoothly as before.

Update May 10th:

The procedure went smoothly and Satomi is doing well.  The stone in her right side disintegrated as expected and she was back on her feet in less than 2 hours.  They didn’t have to use a stent!  She will be tired and possibly disoriented for the next couple of days so I’m staying home to watch her.  Besides that, her therapy, healing, and recovery should continue.

Update May 11th:

The pain is subsiding but the water consumption is still high.  Besides the strainer she has to use on the toilet, things seem back to normal.  We have a follow up in a few weeks.

Update May 28th:

The X-Rays show that the stone is completely gone and there is no pain.  We’re so happy to have something actually “finished”.

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