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Oncologist Opinion

by on April 6, 2010

We had to catch up with our Oncologist.  It’s been many months since we’ve seen her so we talked about many things-Vertebroplasty, kidney stones, weaning from Decadron, and most importantly, the recent brain tumor activity.  Needless to say, there was a lot of talking.

New brain tumor notwithstanding, Satomi’s health is improving nicely.  Ignoring the obvious may sound ludicrous but it is true.  The rest of her body is doing quite well.

Our plan is to re-start the oral chemotherapy following Cyberknife and the kidney stone lithotripsy procedure.  If all goes well, that’ll be Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Satomi and I were concerned that she may experience more side effects from the Chemo.  The first-time around, she took the Chemo quite easily.  Our Oncologist was optimistic-the chemo dosages are quite low.

The doctor ordered a few routine tests including an Echocardiogram and bloodwork. 

Everyone is optimistic.  We will return in a few weeks to review her progress.

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