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VNG Results Exposed

by on March 23, 2010

We met with Doctor Wilkinson from the House Ear Clinic today.  He was going to give Satomi a quick exam and discuss the VNG test results with us.

I’ve been waiting for his expert opinion for months now. 

Apparently the test results were mostly unremarkable.  He basically repeated his previous diagnosis of last fall:  The dizziness is likely due to damaged nerves from the tumor removal or radiation treatments. Expect the dizziness to improve on its own but it may be months or years.

I asked about the nystagmus.

He confirmed that the area of the brain which controls eye movement is very near that which controls her hearing and balance.  The bi-directional movement is likely due to some cerebellum damage from the radiation treatments. 

He instructed us to continue her Vestibular Therapy.  Is that it?  Yup, that’s it and I’m disappointed.

We’re looking into a Neuro-Opthalmologist to continue our search for solutions.

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  1. Mako permalink

    I get stressed out reading one comment, then go to the next. Then get de-stressed, then I read something else. Whooooo boy! Anyway, I’m glad the horizontal nysta-whatever existed from the start.

  2. seanookie permalink

    While I do try to keep the medical updates somewhat interesting, it is equally important to me to convey our emotional state and view of life. It’s sad to say but there always seems to be something unexpected around the corner that is potentially life changing.

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