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by on March 16, 2010

This last Vertebroplasty session is a milestone in Satomi’s long recovery.  Her frame is now structurally sound and her rehab efforts can now continue.  As you all may recall, since getting the diagnosis of her spinal fractures last November, it was important to stop physical therapy and any real activity.  While completely justified, it was upsetting to all of us.  I found the delay very discouraging. 

Some four months later, I can again see a glimmer of light at the end of this long damn tunnel.

Satomi’s been off corticosteroids for several months and her blood work has been improving.  Her present medications only include an antibiotic (for any remaining kidney stones), the Beta-Blocker (a reduced dose for irregular heartbeat and breathing), and high Cholesterol and acid reflux medications.  What a huge difference!

After the Vertebroplasty wounds heal up, our Oncologist does want her to re-start Chemo but we’ll need to discuss it; We have an appointment with her next week.

Besides the increased activity, we are now going to focus on her debilitating dizziness.  Until now, there had always been some other more pressing medical issue that interfered.  Several months ago, before the spinal issue arose, we had an appointment with a doctor from the House Ear Clinic (  Following the examination, the doctor had several insightful comments; he was optimistic that Satomi would improve over time but could not make any quantifications. 

For a better diagnosis, she’s getting a Videonystagmography (or “VNG”) test.  Check out:  It’s set up for later this week.

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