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by on December 22, 2009

Satomi got her Zometa treatment today.  It went quite well and only lasted 30 minutes.  We sat together in the Chemo infusion room at our Oncologist’s office.  It’s been a year since we had been in that room.  It was a strange reminder of how far we’ve come.  Surprisingly, Satomi only needs a dose once every 6-months so hopefully it’ll be a while until we return there.

As I first mentioned in our “2nd Opinion” posts from early December, Zometa was recommended by (3) seperate Oncologists as a treatment for Satomi’s deteriorating bones.  Here is a link to more information:

It is becoming increasingly difficult for all the Nurses and Phlebotomists to get a line into or draw blood from Satomi’s left arm.  You all may recall that the lymph nodes in her right arm pit were removed making her right arm off limits.  Her left arm is so bruised and tattered-It makes me sad to watch their feeble efforts and inevitable numerous needle stabs. 

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