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Shocking Quantification

by on December 10, 2009

During the intial exam at the City of Hope, the nurse took Satomi’s weight and height.  Her weight is basically unchanged but her height was 140cm.  Wait a minute…140cm? 

Let me do the math.  That’s about 55 inches or 4ft 7 inches.  What?!  My height challenged wife has consistently been 4 ft 11 inches.  Now she’s 4 ft 7 inches?  She’s lost 4 inches in height?!  Damn… 

Dr. Mortimer was very interested in Satomi’s spinal fracturers and was referring us to one of their Interventional Radiologist’s to consider her for a vertebroplasty.  This type of injury is not uncommon for persons over 70 years old but very rare for someone only 41.

Vertebroplasty is a procedure where a hole is drilled into damaged vertebrae and liquid plastic is injected into it.  The hydraulic pressure expands the crushed tissue and fills voids which strengtens the bones.  Take a look at: for more info.

It’s an outpatient procedure so it seems quite safe.  We’re scheduling an MRI to begin the evaluation process.

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