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False Start

by on September 1, 2009

As you all know, we hate Decadron. Dealing with this steroid has been more difficult than the actual cancer itself.

We have been looking for help for quite some time to properly and safely ween Satomi off of this poison.  We started the weening process with Satomi’s Neurologist friend several weeks ago.

After reviewing her new symptoms, the doctor expressed his concerns:  the 16 mg Decadron dose on alternating days could have contributed to her heart beat and breathing problems.  It seemed that her body’s dependance on the drug was more severe than originally anticipated.  The program would be much more complicated.  He recommended that our Endocrinologist take over the weening process. 

To provide a stable starting point, we returned to the 2 x 4 mg per day regimine from mid August.

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