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Mr. Enomoto

by on August 28, 2009

Satomi’s Dad had to be rushed to the Long Beach Memorial Hospital’s ER on the same day that I rushed Satomi to the St. Joesph’s ER.  As you all have probably read in my past posts, he had some severe health problems.  After a long battle, he passed away in the early morning of Friday the 28th.  Sadly, Satomi did not get to see her Dad beforehand.

I spoke with her Family and we all thought it best not to tell Satomi until she was discharged-She was under enough stress.  Unfortunately, this plan quickly fell apart.  Shortly after the news broke, there were many condolence messages being sent to family members via cell phone/E-mail/text message.  I had not considered this possibility and left Satomi equipped with her Blackberry.  When I realized what was happening I rushed back to the hospital.  All I could imagine was Satomi finding out about her Dad on a text message.

I ran into her room.  She was napping with her Blackberry sitting on her chest.  I quietly grabbed the phone and turned it off. 

When she awoke, I told her about her Dad.  She was quite upset.

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