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Dark and Scary

by on July 20, 2009

My Dad, the girls’ Grandpa, left early yesterday (Sunday) morning.  He drove up to San Jose to be with my Sister and her new twins.  My Mom, the girls’ Granny, is already there helping them out.  I know it was very difficult for him.

The girls missed him immediately.  On several occassions throughout the day, Jillian asked me “where’s Grandpa” in a soft whisper.  She doesn’t say anything in a soft whisper.  In our house, loud is the only way anything is said.  She knew Grandpa was gone.  If not she would have just screamed out “Grandpa!  Grandpa!  Grandpa!” as she’s become so accustomed to.

Putting Jillian to bed late last night involved a few tears but eventually worked out fine.  She was very tired from a long day of fun and activity.  Both Kandi and Jill decided to sleep in their own bed.  They decided Grandpa’s room was too dark and scary without Grandpa there to sleep with them.

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