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by on July 5, 2009

Satomi is a bit worse today. Yesterday she was fatigued and dizzier. She’s so dizzy she upped her Decadron dose and you all know by now that is our last choice.  Our last episode in the ER was due in large part to the Decadron upsetting her stomach.

She’s now on Nexium instead of Prilosac; it’s suppose to be much stronger. She also has the Pepto close at hand. I’ll be watching her closely tonight.

She took her brain MRI last Thursday. The results will determine if she needs more Cyberknife.  It would be heartwrenching if she needs more sessions.  The radiation induced dizziness has a big effect on her emotional state.   It is suppose to be getting better.

Satomi’s gained a lot weight since being on Decadron-something like 25 to 30 lbs over a couple of months.  On her 4′ 11″ frame, it’s a drastic change.  The Oncologist says that the weight gain is likely due to the Decadron but ordered bloodwork to check if there is any problem with her liver or other internal organs.  The weight gain has created other problems for her-elevated HR and blood pressure, difficulty breathing, muscle cramps.   These past few weeks have been manageable but definitely haven’t been pleasant.  The Oncologist also ordered a Pet-CT scan to check everything; its set for tomorrow afternoon.

The results of these tests will quantify her progress.  To be honest, I am quite worried.  Her present condition is explainable but I have little confidence in optimistic statistics.  Thus far, we have aways gotten the short end of the statistical stick.

Good results are a chance for a normal life-for a while anyway.  At least until the next set of tests in a few months. 

Living life 3 months at a time is no way to live.

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