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Cyberknife Session #4

by on May 28, 2009

We spoke to the Cyberknife doctor and explained that she was a bit more dizzy than before.  He indicated that the course of treatment is a round of steriods-Decadron or similar.  We are very familiar with the nasty side effects so we have been reluctant to use steriods.  Things aren’t so bad so we’re going to pass on them

I just left Satomi on the table in the Cyberknife room.  I have a routine before I leave the room:  Check that her neck sits on the table support straight and square; Her mask is flush and tight.  I put her shoes and glasses in the same spot on the table and tell her I love her.  30 seconds later, I’m out of the room and the technician starts the session.

After I leave her, I typically spend an hour or so in the Fashion Island Barnes & Noble-you know, just browsing.  This time, I actually had things to do.  I drove up to the Best Buy near South Coast plaza.  I need a radar detector.  I’ll explain why in a seperate post.

An hour and a half passes very quickly and I actually come close to buying a detector.  I realized that I could get a better deal at my old workplace-Newport Autosound-so I just leave.  I rushed back to Newport Diagnostics and waited the last 20 minutes in the waiting room.  She was in the same mood as when I left.

She craved a steak so we found an Outback steakhouse.  Newport diagnostics is almost across the street from Flemings Steak house but we were both a bit under dressed to go there.  After dinner she wanted dessert so we rushed over to Sprinkles Cup Cakes to pickup a half-dozen Red Velvets.  Yummy!

Her physical rating is a bit down at a 2 but her emotional state is a bit higher at a 3; I’m the same.

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