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Post Cyberknife Session #1

by on May 19, 2009

Satomi’s fine.

She was locked in that plastic prison for over 2 hours.  Afterward, she walked out of the treatment room on her own and talked with the technicians; I heard her from the waiting room.  She was still a bit wobbly but walked out OK.  The mask made it impossible for her to wear glasses so she couldn’t occupy herself with any of the ceiling murals or other things around the room.  Boredom with the added stress of not being able to move.  Her neck was super-stiff and she was super-hungry.   I took her to a late lunch.

Satomi felt so good, we also went to see our Neuro Surgeon.  He wanted to take a look at Satomi’s wound infection.  We didn’t have an appointment-He just fit us in.  He was quite happy with my work as wound dresser.  Unless things go wrong, we aren’t suppose to see him again until the Cyberknife sessions are done.

All the way home Satomi kept complaining about being really tired.  While fatigue is a possible side effect of the Cyberknife, I actually think it was that El Torito Combo #4 she inhaled a couple of hours ago. 

In any case, we’re home and she’s sleeping now.  It was a good day.

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  1. Isao permalink

    Thanks for the update, Sean. Glad to hear the session went well and taking the time to explain the process.

  2. Hiromi permalink

    So great that it was a good day!
    We got our water ozonator and it’s suppose to help with fatigue (amongst a ton of other things including side effects of chemo and radiation) so if Satomi want to try it, we have it 🙂

  3. Ron & Laura permalink

    Thanks for all the updates Sean. Glad Satomi is feeling good after the session. Both of you stay strong and keep up the great attitude Sean. …El Torito combo #4! Lol.

  4. pegs permalink

    =) Yeah! 1 down! and Sat, food coma all you want! You deserve it! Ganbatte! and see you soon!

  5. Jennifer Dang permalink

    Thanks for the update, Sean! Your writing is great (informative and easy to understand)! We really appreciate it! Please let Satomi know that we think and pray for her everyday and know that she will beat this disease this time once and for all!

  6. Jeff Lloyd permalink

    Thanks for explaining the very complicated process. No pressure-keep us updated when u can. You have got enough to worry about. Great job on the dressings!

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