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This Blog Thing

by on May 18, 2009

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from many of you over these past weeks.  The praise has been great-I need all the help I can get right now.  The criticisms have been lighthearted but nonetheless prudent.

The critisims seem to focus on a few specific things:

  1. “When are you going to update the blog again?!”
  2. “We used to look at the blog everyday but you stopped updating it so we don’t bother anymore”
  3. “When are you going to update the blog again?!”

Everyone wants to know how Satomi is doing-Everyday.  My philosophy thus far has been that I only right about memorable days-Good days, bad days, progress, improvements, failures.  I don’t bother if the day’s unremarkable.  But that was my mistake, right?  The point is that everyday full of life is a gift and truly remarkable.

I need to write more…

One Comment
  1. Tina Ray permalink

    Sean. . . you are doing a great job on the blog!!! You write beautifully and we, in the support group understand!! Just do it when You feel like it! Satomi, keep up the good spirits!

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