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Follow Up with the Neurosurgeon

by on April 29, 2009

We just finished our Neurosurgeon follow-up visit.  It went well.   Satomi had her staples removed and she passed all of her neurological screening tests with flying colors.

The Doctor supported our decision to forgo whole brain radiation.  He said he recommends the same whenever the patient is young and vibrant which Satomi is.

She is being scheduled for the Cyberknife procedure and should be getting the initial MRI/CT sometime next week.  The actual procedure may take up to 3 seperate sessions to attack the reminaing tumor so it may be a few weeks before it is completed. 

She (not me) had the audacity to ask the Doctor about her returning to work.  He was so happy with her progress that he left it up to us.  I have mixed feelings about it.

Interestingly, she was perscribed PT and OT.  And yes, she is planning to go to her very own Healthsouth Tustin for it!

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  1. koichi permalink

    Good to see the progress.

    Satomi asking to go back to work – I have to shake my head and kinda laugh. That is classic Satomi. She was always the toughest and most stubborn cousin while we were growing up. She will beat the cancer.

    Wishing you the best. Ganbatte!!!!

  2. Kyu Kim permalink

    What a strong person you have as your bride!! Great to hear that everything going well…

    Kyu Kim

  3. S…Aya’s in the same place. But we have to forge forward and think of the best…

    I can drive down tonight if it will help. Let me know.


  4. Tina Ray permalink

    Way to go, Satomi!! You’ll be needing that chicken dinner and pie to sustain you in your going back to work!! When do you want it delivered? HAHAHAHA
    You go, Girl!!! Much love, Tina 🙂

  5. brenda cole permalink

    Satomi, wow, you want to go back to work? You’re soo amazing. Wish I was still @ tustin to be your OT. Sorry haven’t kept up with Sean’s postings. Glad your PET scan results were negative. I have been praying for you. Are you ready for some hawaiian food? I’m sure Sean is – I’ll call Irene to get Sean’s phone number. Love, brenda

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