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Done for the Day

by on April 22, 2009

We finished the Pet-CT and the bloodwork.  Her poor left arm looks terrible-Bruises and holes everywhere.  Remember she can’t get any needles in her right arm because of the removed lymphnodes on that side. 

Satomi wanted to grab a bite at Ruby’s.

We’re going to discuss the results and plan of treatment with the Oncologist tomorrow.  We’re both nervous.  This will be a big day, a huge day.

I think she almost cried while we ate.  I distracted her with talk of Kandice and Jillian.

Satomi is sleeping soundly now.  The appointments were a lot of excitement compared to the past few days.  She had trouble with the scenery moving by the car window so fast; She says its over stimulation.

  1. Julie & John permalink

    It’s like you are the Joe Rogan of the Okamoto Family….good luck tomorrow!

  2. Candice permalink

    Good luck tomorrow guys! As always, you both are in our thoughts & prayers.

    p.s. Stop driving so fast! 🙂

  3. Kiyomi permalink

    All I pray for is the results to be 100% clear of any Cancer!!! I am on the edge worried sick! Maybe that’s why I haven’t been feeling so good the past couple days. I know that your nervousness is 100 times worse than mine. Please know that our prayers are with you! Good luck tomorrow!!

    Det, Kiyomi and Taizo

  4. Akemi permalink

    Hey guys!! I have been following the blogs, and you and Satom and the kids have been in my thoughts constantly. The whole Nakanishi-Matsukubo clan is praying for you. I wish I was closer, but if there is anything I can do… please don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck tomorrow!
    love, Akemi, Matt, Ethan, Emma, and Katsuko-obachan

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