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A Monday morning

by on April 20, 2009

Monday mornings are always difficult.  The girls (and their Parents) typically don’t nap on weekends so everyone is cranky and that doesn’t promote family bliss.  This past weekend was probably a bit more strenuous than others.

Satomi’s doing so well, I decided to go to work.  I had several things that have pending deadlines so I thought I’d try to make some progress before any treatments start.

I text messaged Satomi throughout the day to keep tabs on her and remind her of medication.  I also spoke with people from the Neurosurgeons office to confirm an operation follow-up visit and our Oncologist to check the status on the Pet-CT scan.  They are working with our insurance and the specialized labs to schedule the test. 

We had previously scheduled an appointment with the Oncologist on this Thursday as a follow up to the original breast cancer.  To take advantages of this eery coincidence, we are trying to get the Pet-Ct done beforehand.  The Oncologist also ordered various blood tests also in an effort to focus her attention on any potential cancer sites.

I got home a bit earlier than usual and thought Satomi may want to come with me to pickup Kandice from preschool.  I found her soundly sleeping and couldn’t bring myself to waking her.

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