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End of the 2nd Day

by on April 18, 2009

For Satomi, the Day was one of rest and recovery.  Lot’s of sleep due to all the pain-killers.  Enough drugs to allow her to sleep through all the noise and commotion.

We had several visitors today.  It was nice to talk to people.

I was impressed that they all held their tears.  It is so very hard to do.  The sight of our sweet little Satomi lying there is very upsetting.  The thought of brain cancer is incomprehensible. 

For any of you that may still be visiting, please, please, please try not to get upset in front of Satomi.  She’s in a sensitive state and a crying friend will definitely upset her.  I really don’t want to have to drag you into the hallway.

Our Oncologist called and confirmed the basic plan.  She is very supportive and we will be seeing her soon.  She is already working at getting the scan organized and approved by our insurance.  The Pet-CT scan is almost $5k a shot (the pre-negotiated Blue Cross price) so pre-approval is essential.  Insurance already covered it once so I don’t expect any issues. 

I ended up venting to a couple of friends tonight.  I guess you could call it a rant but I wasn’t upset when I spoke.  I think “vent” is the perfect word.  All of my questions, concerns, and frustrations, the best and worse prognosis, the likely outcome, the possible treatments, the impacts to our family and professional life, and on and on.  I didn’t intend to vent but the words just flowed well.  It was a good exchange of info but unfortunately I didn’t feel better afterward. 

There’s still a good chance of discharge tomorrow but I’ll talk to the Doctor in the morning to check.

Good night my dear wife and all of you out there in blog land.  I’ll be there again in the morning.

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  1. Janet McElwain permalink

    Sean, you are my hero. You are holding it all together more than most would. Satomi is very lucky to have someone looking out for her the way you are. And with everything you have to deal with, it’s so wonderful of you to keep all concerned about Satomi, informed. My prayers are constant, for her recovery and for your continued strength. Keep up the good work. Take care my friend.

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