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They rolled her away

by on April 16, 2009

I spent the past hour or so with my baby.  The nurses came and went and stuck her with a bunch of needles and asked a lot of questions.  All were friendly and supportive.  They answered all of our last minute operation questions.

We’ve always liked this hospital.  We had Jillian here as well as the mastectomy procedure.  I already know where the coffee pot and cafeteria is.  There is a feeling of familiarity that brings ease.

I maintained my casual banter.  Her best friend called and I thought that a quick word would be encouraging.  That was a mistake on my part.  I should have taken the call instead of passing it to Sat.

The love and encouraging words made Satomi remember the reality and it drew a tear; Still composed but just a little less happy than she was.  No more unscreened phone calls for wifey.  We’re both quite scared.

The nurses returned and I had a few more questions.  They said it would take another hour to fully prep her for surgery.  They expect the actual operation time to take 2 to 3 hours so there should be some word on her condition this afternoon.  The Neurosurgeon would do all the shaving himself.

I told her we all loved her, gave her a kiss, and they rolled her away…

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